Marketing Jobs

You might have heard that people working in marketing make good money and never go out of a job. This got you started in searching how to become a Senior Marketing Executive, right until the point where you asked yourself, "Why on Earth would I be interested in choosing marketing? Keep on reading and you will understand exactly why.

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What Do Marketers Do?

Marketers are professionals who can bridge the gap between reading people and analyzing data.

They take certain information about their customers (demographics, how much money they can spend on certain things, what are products and services that they want or need) and apply that information to make their product more appealing than the competition's.

Then, marketers build a plan to make their brand recognizable by their prospects and increase their company's sales. This plan encompasses many different levels of activity, such as branding, creative design, communications strategy, product promotion, and even selling.

Some marketers choose to specialize in themes, instead of areas. For example, they might specialize in electronics and gadgets or environmental issues, and work all the aforementioned areas from that specific point of view.

What Skills Do Marketers Have?

Marketers are masters of many trades. They have to be great communicators, in order to reach their prospects and turn them into consumers. They need to be creative and tell stories in an innovative way. Marketers need to solve problems and effectively sell their products, while paying attention to detail and keeping an eye to managing their time effectively.

Marketers also need to love people - they will need to make connections and network throughout their working days, as well as speak in public very often when presenting ideas and results, sharing plans and strategies, and even presenting themselves.

Also, marketers need to have an analytical mind. Their profession relies on information and data - from simple polls to academic research. This raw data must be understood and transformed into an actionable plan to improve a product and increase sales.

What Are My Potential Career Paths?

Here are a couple of possibilities apart from the classic advertising area:

You can work in brand management. Your responsibilities would be to monitor the public image of a product or a company. You would have to understand how your product performs in the market, analyze the relevant customer data, and develop strategies on improving the brand.

You can also work in market research. This is ideal for those more focused in statistics and figures, and less focused on salesmanship. You would be responsible for developing strategies based on your analysis of raw data.